The strength of WordPress® is in it’s ability to be customized through the use of extensions (plugins and themes). Over time, these extensions are enhanced to provide new features or to comply with changes to core WordPress®. To avoid distributing flawed extensions and possibly disrupting the websites that use those extensions, extension developers need to communicate with their extension users that changes have been made and are available for testing. Unfortunately, WordPress® does not provide a mechanism for extension developers to communicate with the administrators of the sites using their extensions.

The WP247 Extension Notification System was developed to address this void. The WP247 Extension Notification System provides a standard interface for WordPress® extension developers to communicate important information about their extension to their extension users.

Two WordPress® plugins comprise the WP247 Extension Notification System:

  • The WP247 Extension Notification Server plugin runs on the extension developer’s WordPress® website and distributes notices to the client WordPress® site’s administrator(s) when the client site inquires about new notices.
  • The WP247 Extension Notification Client plugin runs on the extension user’s WordPress® site and queries the extension developer’s WordPress® website for any new notices and then displays all unexpired notices that have not yet been dismissed.



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