It’s been a few years since I’ve added any new features to the WP247 Body Classes plugin. Today the plugin has been updated with a few new features and a few minor changes:

  • Removed Notifications Plugin co-requisite
  • Fixed Settings API for PHP v7
  • Updated Admin Favorites
  • Added Individual Post Body Classes
  • Added User Roles Classes
  • Added User Capabilities Classes
  • Added Mobile-Detect version 2.8.34
  • Added Mobile-Detect version 2.8.37

So, now you can tailor your web pages with even finer granularity. Imagine hiding a section of the page based on a user’s role or their capabilities. Or, imagine tailoring your web pages based on a body class specified for an individual post or group of posts. Before now, you could do this based on categories but that has it’s own limitations. Now, you can add body classes to individual posts. Say you have 3 posts that need some special treatment. Just add a body class (say “something-special”) to each post and then write your CSS for body.something-spacial { … }. It’s that easy.

Hope you enjoy the new features. Please let me know if there’s something else that might be beneficial.


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