• Updated Test Plugin Post

    This is an updated test to see how MailPoet does.

  • Test Plugin Post

    This is an updated test to see how MailPoet does.

  • WP247 Body Classes 2.1

    It’s been a few years since I’ve added any new features to the WP247 Body Classes plugin. Today the plugin has been updated with a few new features and a few minor changes: Removed Notifications Plugin co-requisite Fixed Settings API […]

  • WP247 GeneratePress Pre-Footer Widgets

    WP247 GeneratePress Pre-Footer Widgets

    GeneratePress is an awesome WordPress® theme with incredible flexibility. I was using it recently for a project I was working on and needed an extra widget area at the bottom of all web pages that had a different background from […]

  • WP247 Extension Notification System

    The strength of WordPress® is in it’s ability to be customized through the use of extensions (plugins and themes). Over time, these extensions are enhanced to provide new features or to comply with changes to core WordPress®. To avoid distributing […]

  • Creating a Dynamically Shrinking Sticky Header in WordPress Based on Scrolling

    In this article, we are going to show how to create a dynamically shrinking sticky header in WordPress based on how far the user has scrolled down the page using the wp247 Body Classes plugin’s new Scroll Classes as described […]

  • wp247 Body Classes 2.0

    After a couple of years using the wp247 Body Classes plugin, I’ve added a new feature that I couldn’t find anywhere else. It started out just wanting to know whether or not the page content had been scrolled. It ended […]

  • wp247 Get Option Shortcode

    We’ve all been there, hard coded some text in our WordPress sites that exists in a WordPress option and then later changed the WordPress option value but forgot about the hard coded text throughout our website. Then, later discovered the […]

  • More wp247 Body Classes

    Well, the wp247 Body Classes WordPress plugin has been out for a couple of weeks now and a few people have started using it. One person asked if it could indicate whether or not a mobile user is on a tablet. The simple answer was […]

  • wp247 Body Classes

    Last week, while working on a website for my daughter’s up-coming wedding, I had the need to tailor the styling for mobile devices. I didn’t like the amount of white-space above all of the headings. I am using a stock theme (which […]


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